I am an architecture student with one year of undergrad to go. I am a Geek and proud of it. I post mostly stuff from TV shows and Movies. Occasionally some lego stuff, science jokes or other funny stuff. Also, cute animals. Mostly puppies and goats (my family has 2 dogs, 4 pgymy goats, a miniature pony, and 2 horses). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
TV Shows I currently watch: Arrow, The Flash, Agents of Shield, Supernatural, 24, Suits, Sherlock ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TV Shows I've watched entirely (and are currently over): 30 Rock, The Office, Psych, Burn Notice, Suits, Dr. Who, House, Lie To Me, and Chuck. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Basically, I watch a ton of TV. There are a bunch of shows on my list to watch, so if you know a good one that I don't watch, feel free to send it my way. Here is my list of shows to watch: (NCIS, Numbers, How I Met Your Mother, Murdoch Mysteries, The Mentalist, Rizzoli & Isles, Monk, Castle, Bones, and Dr. Who) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Movies: My motto is: if something blows up, it is most likely worth watching. Anything with action, especially Superhero movies. But Also Disney. No one can say no to Disney. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I split my blog into 3 separate blogs. If you are looking for any of these:
NBA Basketball, World Cup Soccer, NFL Football and occasionally baseball and hockey. OR Architecture and Graphic Design, then check my other blogs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I split my blog.
For sports, see this page:
http://samsayssports.tumblr.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
For architecture and Design see this page:





after finding out that he:

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I no longer feel like I look younger than I actually am




he’s not kidding around